Confession, Communion and Masses

Dear Parents,

We really appreciate your support so far in preparing the children for their First Confession and First Holy Communion.

Here are some important dates coming up. All will take place in St. Michael’s Church, Gorey.

Sacrament of First Penance Wednesday 7th February at 7:00pm
Sacrament of First Holy Communion Saturday 28th April at 11:00am

We also invite you to participate in the following preparatory masses for First Holy Communion.
Tuesday 30th January 7:00pm
Monday 26th February 7:30pm
Saturday 17th March 7:30pm
Saturday 24th March 7:30pm (Palm Sunday)
Thursday 29th March 5:00pm (Holy Thursday, Children’s Mass)
Saturday 14th April 7:30pm
We look forward to working with your children in preparing for this special occasion and welcome you to participate in any way you can.
Thank you
Mrs. Fitzhenry and Miss Culliton