Greenan Maze!

We had the best time on our school tour to Greenan Maze. We were so excited when we got on the bus!





The Animals

We got to see lots of different animals such as turkeys, geese, pigs, a horse and loads more. We also all took turns to feed a baby lamb.





Nature Walk

We saw lots of things on our nature walk. There were loads of little fairy doors that told us the names of all of the different types of trees. We visited the dragon fly pond and saw a fox’s den. Our tour guide told us all about the different nocturnal animals that lived there. We also got to see loads of old farm equipment and inside an old farm house.









The Maze and the Playground

We then visited the maze and had to try and find our way into the middle of it and then all the way back to the start! Afterwards we had loads of fun in the playground.