Doctor Who???

Our theme for January was the Doctors surgery. We took on the role of doctors, nurses, receptionists, pharmacists and unfortunate patients with all kind of sicknesses in our role play area. Look at us:





We also did lots of medical themed art. Take a look:

Here are our ambulances and stretchers.                       These are our doctor bags packed with equipment.           Our hospitals we cut out and designed and our body x-rays.



We also learned about the human life cycle and how to be healthy. We learned about the best nurse Florence Nightingale who is the reason hospitals are kept clean today.

Here are our reports about Florence .

We wish it could be Christmas everyday…

We had so much fun in December, Snowy our class elf arrived, we did lots of Christmas art, we played in Santa’s workshop we learned Christmas songs  and read Christmas stories.


Here are some of the things that Snowy our elf got up to:




Here we are playing in Santa’s workshop. We took on the roles of elves, Santa and Mrs.Clause and were very busy getting the toys ready for Christmas.






This is  some of our Christmas art.




Food, glorious food!

Our theme for November was food. We learned all about healthy and unhealthy food, we played in the restaurant area, we made lots of food themed art and lots more food based activities.  Take a look:


Here we are playing in the restaurant. We were chefs, customers, waiters and waitresses.


Look at some our food themed art. We even used cheerios and pasta as an art material.