Mr.Whelan work 22/06/20

Our final week!

Congratulations parents, you did it! 😊

For our final week of work, have fun:

Monday: Create a short story using words or just pictures to tell the story.

Tuesday: Create your own dance to your favourite song,

Wednesday: Garden Shape Hunt – list all the 3D and 2D shapes you can find.

Thursday: At the beginning of 1st class, we completed a picture of our goals for 2020. Now create a picture of what you have achieved and enjoyed since September.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work since January. It has been an amazing experience for me and I have enjoyed it hugely, I would like to wish you all well in second class and in the future.


And thank you parents for always working with me and doing our best together.

All the best,


Mr.Whelans work 15/08/20

Hi everyone,

As we begin to wind down, it would be nice for the kids to pick from some mindful activities as part of wellness week to do one a day. Here are some to pick from:

  • Draw/paint what makes you happy.
  • Cosmic yoga for kids (online).
  • Count how many times you can make somebody smile.
  • Do something kind for someone else.
  • Listen to your favourite song with your eyes closed.
  • Send a card to someone you miss.
  • Feel the grass between your toes on a sunny day.
  • get out and get active, walking, sport, running etc.


Monday: Art challenge , draw or paint a picture of your favourite place in your house

Tuesday: Topmarks website – Hit the Button, Number Bonds.  (will work on a computer or iPad etc)

Wednesday: Read a few pages of your favourite book. Write down the reasons why someone should read the book too. Persuade them.

Thursday: Oral Maths – skip counting in 2s, 5s,  10s, 20s, Tables Shoot Out.

Have fun this week,


Mr.Whelan work June 8th

Hello Everyone hope all is well!

here is this weeks work,


We have been asked to reduce the work to Maths and English only. It is up to you if you want to finish the topics in any of the books you have at home.

This week’s spellings: <aw>

What would we do to these words to remember their spellings? 1 & 2 short vowel sound. final blend nd, initial blends cl, pr. Underline aw sound in any word. 8 & 9 are tricky.10 is a compound word, straw / berry, or can be broken into 3 syllables, clap it – straw/ ber / ry

1.      zip 4. saw 7. prawn 10. strawberry
2.      men 5. claw 8. mother
3.      pond 6. dawn 9. father


Dictation copy: (Parent/Guardian read the sentence slowly 2 or 3 times for the child to try write down.       1. Try not to yawn.  2. The cows lie down on some straw.   3. Would you like some prawns?


English: Grammar – Monday: Speech Marks Activity: Speech Marks Worksheet

Tuesday: Extending Vocabulary – Synonyms  Activity: Word Web Worksheet

Wednesday: Questions 1 Activity: Question Words Worksheets

Thursday: Questions 2 Activity: Questions Worksheet

Friday: Revision Worksheet

Extra: Exercise Your English 1 – Grammar: Revision p76-80


Writing: Handwriting: Ready to Write or handwriting copy

Exercise Your English 1 – A Day at the Seaside A & B p 74, Phonics Word endings p71



Exercise Your English 1 – The Story of the Dragonfly p72 & p73


Maths: Mathemagic June Revision– If you wish to keep up working in the book, there are ‘look back’ pages and I also left one or two pages to revise this month in some topics (Time etc). We left school while working on the hundred square and pattern.

Daily: Mental Maths: p70 & 71

Daily: Table Toppers: p70 & 71 – Don’t forget to revise your tables. (Addition and Subtraction only)