Sports Day 2017 in St. Joseph’s

<h6>The showgrounds was the venue for St. Joseph’s sports day in 2017. The day was a great success. Our pupils won medals galore and parents a plenty arrived to cheer their children on. We’re looking forward already to next year’s event.</h6>


Féile Visit 2017

Watch and hear us singing Boolavogue Part 1  here  and Boolavogue Part 2 followed by an instrumental here

Fraction Fun!

A super busy week in Room 5!!

We are revising fractions this week. To help us to find halves and quarters of numbers up to twenty we played some games…..

We have also studied the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci, especially one of his most famous paintings-the Mona Lisa! We took inspiration from this and painted our own Mona Lisa pictures….

We are also learning a new song, writing reports and practising our four times tables by listening to funny songs and singing along. We learned to play Zone Ball in P.E and had great fun cheering for our friends as they tried to score points!