4th Class work 30th March

Hello 4th class !!!

Do your best on this work and I  hope to see you all soon!! Mrs. Armstrong


-Cosmic Kids Yoga- YouTube

-Joe Wicks -Body Coach YouTube


Do some drawings from your -garden( flowers trees animals birds)

-home ( armchair TV Xbox shoes)

-use your imagination and create your own characters and scenes.

-Draw a new invention


-Library Books – do some drawings about your book

-Read at Home Week 21 1 page per day

Answer questions

-If you’d like to practice handwriting write out the answers

-Draw scenes or characters from these stories.


-Unit 14 5 spellings per day.

-Do Look Cover Say Write each day

-Do 2 exercises from Unit 14 each day

-Optional: Sentences 1 a day

                     Dictionary work 1 word a day


-Mental Maths Week18

-Hit the Button – Topmarks

-Practice 6x 7x tables (time yourself!)