Mr.Whelan Work May 18th

Hi Everyone hope all is well, here is the work for this week, as always any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

*Reminder: pick one activity/lesson from each subject a day to work your way through it.

*Tables: Addition & Subtraction only (we are revising all now)

Please email me to let me know how the work is going.

CjFallon on Primary > 1st Class > the subject (example: Maths)> the book (example: Mathemagic) > online book – Exercise Your English 1 will be found here and also our reader Sleep Tight, which has a read aloud option.

Books can be collected this week so you may find it easier.

Please break up the work over the week. Send me on any work or questions.

This week’s spellings: <ir>

What would we do to these words to remember their spellings? 1 & 2 short vowel sound. Underline ir sound in any word. Mark initial blends – sk, sh, and final blends – pt, st. 8 & 9 are tricky. 8 f has a v sound. 10 is a compound word, clap it – birth / day

1.      yet 4. skirt 7. first 10. birthday
2.      hid 5. girl 8. of 11.
3.      wept 6. shirt 9. eight


Gaeilge: Topic –Ag Siopadóireacht  (Shopping)   Póstaer: Siopadóireacht

Foclóir nua – siopa, siopadóir, ag siopadóireacht, tralaí

All other words on the page we have come across before.

An bhfuil…. Tá/Níl…  – An bhfuil eitleog sa siopa?  (bábóg/bainne/tralaí/ispíní etc)

Cé atá sa siopa?

Cén bia atá sa siopa?  (Children might have forgotten that bia is food)

Cuir méar ar na focail.  – Call out the words English or Gaeilge for the children to put their finger on the word and they must say it as Gaeilge.

Please make use of MyCjFallon Bun go Barr 1, its Póstaer 9

Activity: Éist agus Dathaigh – listen and colour. Press the Audio option for the children for p 62 and you need to open and print p62 on the online book, or wait until you collect books from the school.

Cuir méar ar na dathanna .

*Remember – Bí ag caint, bí ag canadh (Is maith liom a bheith ag ithe..   Tá na paistí ag teacht ar scoil…)

English: Grammar – Verbs

Remind the children that verbs are action words/doing words. You call out a verb and have them do the action.

Examples: Run – Jump – Turn – Wave – Put – Walk

Then call out a sentence and ask them what the verb in the sentence was. Example: The girl was walking home.

Activity: Verb Worksheet

Exercise Your English 1 – Grammar: Question Marks p57 A, B, & C.


Writing: Looking at your work from last week, get a colour or highlighter and mark all the verbs in your procedure. (Revise procedural writing. – How to make toast.)



Steps: it is here you will find those Bossy Verbs telling you what to do! They should be at the beginning of each step. If you forgot to put in bossy verbs or forgot to put in enough steps do it now, paying attention to the Bossy Verbs (Open-Put-Turn-Take-Spread-Cut)

Exercise Your English 1 – The Emperor Penguin p 56 A & B


Reading: Sleep Tight – Poems  p69-73

Exercise Your English 1 – Jokes and Riddles p52

Maths: Mathemagic – Looking at 1 page a day.

Addition  – Estimate and Add

Explain to the children that sometimes we can work out what an answer could be by estimating – (making a good guess)

Practice counting in 10s (0-100) starting at random numbers for example 40 not 0 each time.

For estimating to count in tens, we have to look at the tens side, the example

2 tens and 1 ten, well 20 plus 10 equals 30, so we will estimate that the answer will be about 30.


Monday: p 120     Tuesday: p121

You will know I your child understands what estimating is if the answer is close to their estimate without looking at the suggested estimates, if they are a long way off you will know it needs to be explained again.


Wednesday: More work with notation boards for taking away, in tens and units. Mark off what you take away from the units side, your answer is what is left. p 126

Thursday: More subtracting numbers within 99 without renaming. Subtracting units first, we always start with the units, and then subtracting on the tens side. p 127

Friday: Estimate and Subtract – follow the same steps as addition for the estimating, looking at the tens side and subtracting in tens.

Subtracting tens, practice by counting backwards from 100, in tens. p128

Some children will fly through these and others will struggle a little, aim to do just the right amount on each page until you are happy they are comfortable with them and understand how to complete the operations.

Please take your time and talk through these.

Mental Maths: p64 & 65

Table Toppers: p64 & 65 – Don’t forget to revise your tables.



Geography: People in Our School

Here we are looking at the people in our local community and what jobs they do to care for our community. MyCjFallon online – Small World p87


Science: Natural Materials

This page is looking at properties and characteristics of materials focusing on material coming from the ground, a plant or animal. MyCjFallon online – Small World p88.


Art: Fabric and Fibre- Create a flower collage using newspaper or magazine cut outs. It can be 2D or 3D. if you do not have any magazines, use coloured paper or colour pieces of paper with markers/pencils and cut them out.

Here are some ideas



Or draw a flower with the stem, leaves and petals, as big as you can, and make each petal a different pattern.

PE: Outdoor & Adventure. You will need a willing partner. You need to instruct your partner or your partner instructs you, around your garden while the person moving has their eyes closed! Use those bossy verbs we have learned to help them move around an Obstacle Course. Please be careful 😊

Stay safe Everyone.