Science Week

For Science Week we learned about something different each day by doing lots of fun experiments.

Bouncy Balls
We examined the size and materials of a selection of balls and predicted which would be the bounciest. Then we measured the bounce when each was dropped from a height of one metre.

The Five Senses
We put our sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste to the test.

Do I feel… sand?

Smells like a….

I know that sound!

I have 20/20 vision!

Mmmm chocolate taste!

Egg in vinegar
We placed one egg in water and another in vinegar. After predicting what would happen to each egg, we observed how the water had no effect but the vinegar stripped the shell off the egg. We were even able to bounce the egg!

We learned about light and all had a turn playing with our shadows.



Lava Lamp
We made a Lava Lamp by adding an effervescent tablet to coloured water and oil.

Static Electricity
We charged up a balloon by rubbing it on someone’s hair. The balloon made her hair stand up and we were able to pick up little pits of paper with the balloon.

Skittles Rainbow
We arranged some Skittles on a plate and poured in some hot water. Then we watched how a rainbow was created.