The End of the Year in Second Class!

2016/2017 has been a great year here in room 5. We have made our First Holy Communion and Reconciliation and made lots of memories along the way. Look at our photos to see some of the fun activities we have done in the past few days.

Chess-Miss Cleary came in on Tuesday and taught us how to play chess. It was a lot of fun!

Teach the Teacher Day-We turned the tables this week. The students became the teachers and the teacher became a student. We made up our own lessons to teach to the class…..and to Miss Doyle! We learned how to make paper aeroplanes, how to draw a dolphin, watched an experiment and lots of other things!

Some of our favourite memories:

‘My favourite part of the year was when I went on my school tour’-JS

‘One of favourites was when my friend was messing and saying ‘Happy New Year’ when he was counting in maths’-SS

‘The best thing about this year was my First Holy Communion’-GLK

‘I loved Teach the Teacher Day’-BB

‘I loved the school tour’-SM

”I loved the school tour and going on the rock climbing and Zorbee balls’-TG

‘I liked meeting the teachers’-LML

‘The school awards were brilliant’-SH

‘Doing art was very interesting’-SM

‘Doing basketball for PE was great!’-EK

‘My favourite part of the year was doing Gaelic Leagues’-SKS

‘My favourite part of the year was the school tour’-FHS

‘The school tour was great. I liked the zorbee balls the most’-JS

‘My favourite memory was the school tour’-CG

‘The last day of school was excellent’-AH

‘The end of year party was good’-PT

‘The teachers in second class were great’-GK

‘I liked getting money at my Communion’-KD

‘My favourite part of the year was having no homework’-JK

‘I liked drama’-DD

‘I’m happy because I made my Communion’-TB

‘I enjoyed making rice krispie buns with Miss Harris’-LS