Naomh Éanna Senior County Champions 2018 Visit St. Joseph’s

Naomh Éanna’s Senior Hurling Champions brought their cup to St. Joseph’s today. The staff and students were delighted to see that so many of St. Joseph’s past pupils were on the team. Well done to all involved. Enjoy the rest of the celebrations.

Click Here to watch a short video of their visit to our school and a great rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to Jack Cushe, the birthday boy.

Electricity in 3rd Class

3rd Class have been busy learning all about electricity! With the help of our visiting teacher Ms. Kinsella, the boys and girls got to experiment with some balloons, paper, tin foil and even their own hair to demonstrate how static electricity works. They also used lightbulbs, wires and batteries to make simple circuits. It was great fun figuring out how to make the bulbs light up!