Electricity in 3rd Class

3rd Class have been busy learning all about electricity! With the help of our visiting teacher Ms. Kinsella, the boys and girls got to experiment with some balloons, paper, tin foil and even their own hair to demonstrate how static electricity works. They also used lightbulbs, wires and batteries to make simple circuits. It was great fun figuring out how to make the bulbs light up!

Awards Ceremony 2018

The boys and girls of St. Joseph’s had a wonderful time at this year’s awards ceremony. Fr. Boggan first celebrated our end of year mass for the children, their parents and all of the staff. The awards earned on sports day, from chess tournaments, from the Green Schools art competition, from athletics competitions and from the school’s Gaelic Leagues were presented after mass. The final award presented on the day went to Paddy Higgins from 6th class who received the Ger Hogan award. Well done to Paddy, and best of luck to him and all of the 6th class pupils as they leave us for secondary school. Well done to all the boys and girls for their hard work throughout the past school year. See you in September!!!</h5?