Natural Art

We have been learning about natural materials versus manufactured materials in SESE this week.

We had to find three natural materials for homework and bring them into school.  We made beautiful art together with these materials.

           The Garden 


 The Sword in the Flowers 


              The Pond 

                            A Christmas Tree

                  A Grave and Flowers 

                Funny Face 

       Clouds in the Sky 

              3 Billy Goats Gruff Bridge 

                  House by the Big Tree 

                                                                                House by the yellow tree

         The Cross on the Mountain 

            Among us – the Imposter 

                 A Sailing Ship on the Wave 

                     Our Treehouse 

Spring Bunnies 🐰 🌼 🌷

For our art this week, we first designed our bunnies using different patterns with our pencils. We cut out and designed glasses for our bunnies. We drew daffodils and tulips through directed drawing. We then painted our spring background and stuck on our bunnies once the pictures were dry.
We think you will agree that they look amazing!

We love you a bunch!

Mother’s Day Art 💐

For Mother’s Day, we made cards using cut out flowers in the shape of hearts and made to look like a bouquet. We wrote an acrostic poem for ‘Mam‘ on the inside of our cards.
We created paper bouquets by colouring, cutting and manipulating paper to look like a bunch of flowers. We really enjoyed making them and we hope all of our marvellous mams enjoy receiving them for Mother’s Day ❤️