Ms. Hackett’s Senior Infants Work 22nd – 26th June

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe this should be our last week in school before the summer holidays. I would like to thank all of you for cooperating during the last few weeks. Please give the children a big well done from me for working hard at home. I have outlined some fun activities below for the children to try this week.

I really enjoyed my time with the children. They really are a lovely class and I miss them a lot.

Enjoy the Summer and stay safe! See you all soon! 😃

Ms. Hackett




  • Create your own Monsters (Template below)
  • Count how many times you can hop on your right and left leg in 30 seconds
  • Go Noodle dance online:

Monster Template


  • Can you remember the colours in the rainbow? Colour in the rainbow below
  • Play Animal Charades at home (Act out an animal without making a sound and others guess what you are)
  • Go on a shape hunt out in your garden and see how many 3D Shapes you can find (Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Cylinder)



  • Look at the Summer picture below and discuss the questions
  • Find a rock outside and paint it to make it your pet rock (See picture below)
  • Make a parade with your toys

Pet Rock

Summer Picture


  • Design your own butterfly (Template below)
  • Play hide and seek inside with your family
  • Can you find the 20 things below on a Walk?


Nature Walk