Ms. Hackett Senior Infants Additional Work

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all keeping well during this time. I have listed additional work below for your child to complete. Any work that is completed at this time can be placed in your child’s homework folder. Thank you for your co-operation.


  • Busy at Maths homework book p.30-33
  • Practise counting to 20 forwards and backwards
  • Practise identifying their right hand and left hand
  • Practise writing numbers. E.g. write out all the sums that make the number 9 (0+9=9, 1+8=9, 2+7=9, etc.)
  • Practise drawing 2D Shapes: Circle, square, triangle, rectangle


  • Practise writing all the capital letters A-S
  • Introduce Capital Letter ‘T’
  • Handwriting workbook p.50, 51
  • For those that were absent and don’t have the handwriting book, practise these formations in a copy or on a sheet of paper.


  • Finish reader ‘A Snowy Idea’
  • Go over the following tricky words:
  • Live, give, little, down
  • What, when, why
  • Where, who, which (Practise reading and writing them)
  • Ask the children to say some of the poems that we have learned (Listed below)

Religion/SESE: Holy Week and Easter

  • Grow in Love book:
  • The Last Supper p.42 and 43
  • Jesus dies on the Cross p.44 and 45
  • Jesus Rises from the dead p.46 and 47
  • There is a Powepoint on the website ‘Twinkl’ to explain the story of Easter

  • To log into the website ‘Twinkl’ for free, create a login name and password. Use the code: IRLTWINKLHELPS
  • There are great activities available on twinkl for senior infants such as this senior infant pack


  • The children love to complete dances and exercise on the website ‘Go Noodle’. If you type this into google and click into it a number of activities come up for children to complete.
  • There are online PE lessons available Monday to Friday at 9am Live on YouTube ‘The Body Coach TV’ ‘P.E with Joe Wicks’

Please stay safe and I hope to see you all sometime soon.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Hackett



Spring makes the world a happy place,

You see a smile on every face.

Flowers come out and birds arrive,

Oh isn’t it grand to be alive?



I’m a little penguin

Black and white,

Round and fluffy,

What a sight.

I can’t fly

But I love to swim,

So I waddle to the water

And I dive right in!


Oh Mr. Giraffe

Oh Mr. Giraffe you make me laugh,

You seem to be made all wrong.

Your head is so high,

Up there in the sky

And your neck is so very long,

That your dinner and tea,

It seems to me,

Has such a long way to go!


Using a Balance

All this week we had loads of fun weighing different items using a balance in our maths lessons. We explored what items were heavy and light in the classroom. We also estimated how many cubes would weigh the same as some of the fruit in our lunch box. Here are some pictures of us using a balance.






Danny to the Rescue!

Today we made our own books based on our reader ‘Danny to the Rescue!’ In groups we drew pictures and wrote sentences to make our very own books. Here are pictures of us hard at work.





We worked hard to write sentences and draw pictures from the story.


Here are our two finished products!

We made books based on our other readers too.

Christmas Carol Service in St. Joseph’s

The students of St. Joseph’s demonstrated a wealth of musical talent today at our annual carol service. We in St. Joseph’s wish all our students, staff and their families a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Listen to us perform by clicking each title below:

Mrs Sinnott’s Class

Mrs. Kirwan’s Class

Ms. Cushe’s Class

Mrs. Lawlor’s Class

Mr. O’Brien’s 5th

Away in a Manger- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Ms. Tobin’s Class

The First Noel – St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Silent Night- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Waltzing Matilda- Slán Ms Doyle, Go n-éirí an bóthar leat san Astráil!!