Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele

 Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele School in St. Joseph’s
 After school classes in  Guitar & Ukulele for children from 6yrs+.
Strum Strum Your Uke!
The Ukulele is an ideal instrument for young children to learn, small in size perfect for little hands. The recommended age is 6yrs+. Children quickly learn to strum along to their favorite songs and melodies. The Ukulele lessons are 3/4 hour long and  taught in a group of 6 (max) per beginner class.
Learning the Guitar is Child’s Play!
The Guitar a very popular instrument for children to learn. The recommended age is 8yrs+. The classes are 1 hour long and taught in a group of 8(max) per beginner class.
   About STRUMASONG Guitar & Ukulele School!
Apart from providing the lessons Strumasong also encourages singing and performance. The school was established by Jacqueline Symes, an experienced Guitar Teacher registered with RGT (Registry Of Guitar Tutors). Jacqueline has many years experience teaching Guitar and was a member of many singing groups and choirs down through the years.  At Strumasong Guitar & Ukulele school it is believed that performance is key to a student’s continuous progression. Playing as part of a group has social benefits for children improving  their social skills by working as part of a team. As students progress they will be given the opportunity to participate in various concerts and fundraising events during the academic year.
For further details about Strumasong classes as St Joseph’s Primary School  please visit the website 
Contact Jacqueline Symes directly on  085  7028890
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