Mr. Kavanagh’s 5th class School Closure Work

Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April

5th class work for next week, try your best with all work. I hope you’re all staying safe and continue to do so over the next while.


All written work can be done in your copy or on sheets that you may have at home. Remember to have margin, heading and date. If you don’t have the right copy for a subject you can use any copy you have.

The books that are marked with ** can be accessed on the CJ Fallon web page. Visit and click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the title of the book you require, making sure ‘Online Books’ is selected in the ‘Resources’ section. Only takes a minute and very easy to work J (use top right corner to jump to a selected page when book is open)


**Up and Running – Read the story ‘The Hat and the Superglue’ pg.194

Questions C +D pg.203

Reading – 20 minutes reading each day of a book of your choice from home. If you haven’t a library book or your own book to read at home you can find some great books to read on the app ‘BorrowBox Library’.

Ms Cleary’s reading group continue to record daily reading.

Writing – Procedural Writing: Focus on one task you have helped with at home or done by yourself and show instructions like we did making our tasty chocolate biscuit cake J

Spellings: Next 4 spellings and exercises in next unit of Spelling Workbook


**Bun go Barr – Read the story ‘An cloca’ Lth 98-99

Ceisteanna B + C Lth 100

H + I  Lth 102

Abairtí – Write 3 interesting sentences each day Aimsir Chaite/Aimsir Fhaistineach briathra. Use back of Bun go Barr or Gramadach copy to help. Keep learning our verbs!!



Mental Maths – Continue with the next week of Mental Maths including Problem Solving and Friday Review.

Tables – Practise your ‘mixed tables’ for 5 minutes each day on (Hit the Button) and try beat your score. Record your highest score for when we are back to see who the champion is!



**Mathemagic –


Pg.107 Qs 4-11

Pg.108 Qs 3 +4

Pg. 109 Qs 1-4

Pg. 110 Qs 1-3

Pg. 111 Qs 1-12

*Qs on pg.108-110 we need to find the price of one when looking for value or looking for the price of multiple products so always use the unitary method(Green boxes will help)

* Qs pg 111 when dealing with fractions remember we divide by the bottom and multiply by the top when finding a fraction of something eg: Find ¾ of 20 divide 4 into 20 and multiply answer by 3

and we divide by the top and multiply by the bottom when we have the fraction and are trying to find the whole number eg : ¾ = 21 find the whole number we divide 3 into 21 and multiply answer by 4




**Small World History – Read Unit 11 ‘World Revolutions’ pg. 52

You will find some interesting=g facts on France for your Geography project.



Complete project on France assigned before break of school.



It’s important to keep as active as you can so try and get some exercise in every day! Examples: a walk, a jog, practising your skills in a sport you are interested in, dancing!

There are also some wonderful videos on Youtube that can help you – The Body Coach 5 Minute Move Workout 1, 2 & 3.


Christmas Carol Service in St. Joseph’s

The students of St. Joseph’s demonstrated a wealth of musical talent today at our annual carol service. We in St. Joseph’s wish all our students, staff and their families a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Listen to us perform by clicking each title below:

Mrs Sinnott’s Class

Mrs. Kirwan’s Class

Ms. Cushe’s Class

Mrs. Lawlor’s Class

Mr. O’Brien’s 5th

Away in a Manger- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Ms. Tobin’s Class

The First Noel – St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Silent Night- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Waltzing Matilda- Slán Ms Doyle, Go n-éirí an bóthar leat san Astráil!!