Ms. O’Neill’s Work 15th-19th June

Hi everybody!

This week we are continuing to reduce your workload. You have English work only on Monday and Wednesday, and Maths on Tuesday and Thursday. As well as this, you have a fun wellness activity to do each day for Wellness Week. I know you will enjoy these!

Here is your timetable for the week. Don’t forget to scroll down to see full size versions of some of the activities!

Timetable 15th-19th June

My e-mail address is is anyone wishes to contact me.


Ms. O’Neill 2nd – 5th June

Hi everybody!

Many thanks to those who have sent me their work. It’s great to see you working so hard at home! See some of the photos of fantastic Excalibur swords that I received this week below.

Parents, if you have not yet received your child’s end of year report, please e-mail me at and I will send it on to you.

This week, we are reducing the workload to just English and Maths. This will give you all more time to get outside to play and exercise in the wonderful sunny weather we’ve been having!

Here is your work for the week:

Ms. O’Neill Timetable 2nd-5th June