🎄Spreading Christmas Cheer 🎄

All the children of St. Joseph’s designed a stocking, bauble, present or Christmas jumper to display in Gorey Shopping Centre. Be sure to take a look!

A big thank you to the SET team and Alan for organising such a beautiful display.

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Easter Raffle

The winners of the Easter Raffle belatedly drawn today were

Alan Cushe – Age 21 + VAT

Grace Gill  – Junior Infants- Mrs. Kirwan

Stephen Sheehan –  5th  – Mr. O’Brien

Robin O’Toole  – 3rd – Ms. Kinsella


Congratulations everybody and thank you once again for your support. All proceeds go towards the young peoples trip to Lourdes. 

Mrs.OCarroll April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you are keeping safe and feeling well during these times. Below is just some general information on websites which you might find useful at home. I am providing an email address and if you wish you can reach out and we can look at individual work for your child and discuss the work (reading and number work) that is in my folder that was sent home. Again these are only suggestions and there is no pressure to complete. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate in emailing me at aineocarroll2020@gmail.com

Some general information:

  •  https://www.lalilo.com/

This is a fun individualised phonological awareness programme for your child which, is able to place your child on the correct level of work based on initial activities. if you feel this is something your child would like, please email so I can give you your childs unique log in.

  • this has nice interactive readers for your child to follow along and listen to:


  • www.typing.com

A fun follow along typing programme which teaches your child correct keyboard skills. Again email me and I can set up your child with their unique password.


  • www.ncse.ie/online-resources-for-parents

  • www.otb.ie/wwb-home

A nice daily lego activity your child might enjoy. There are a variety of levels and challenges of these on the internet to download. one example taken:

Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the boys and girls who collected awards today in St. Joseph’s and well done to Johnny Connors 6th class who won the Ger Hogan Award for his wonderful contribution to St Joseph’s over the past five years. Well done Johnny!