An African Market in room 1

In our Over the Moon book we learned all about Ella’s trip to Africa to visit her granny. During aistear, we recreated an African market and were busy at the stall selling fruit and vegetables. We also threaded shapes to make tribal jewellery for sale! We made fruit and vegetable jigsaws. At the fine motor station we used playdoh to make different fruits and vegetables. We played a fruit and vegetable shopping game. At the art station we enjoyed printing different fruits.

For art this month we also made penguins and polar bears.

Art work:

The Doctor’s Surgery in Room 1

For our aistear theme the doctor’s surgery we explored the theme at different stations. At the role play station we were busy being doctors, nurses, the receptionist and some very sick patients! At the fine motor station we used playdoh to complete doctor themed pictures. We performed operations using the games “Operation”. Our art work was also based on the theme – we made stethoscopes, x-rays, a doctor’s coat and we performed an operation on Humpty Dumpty and managed to put him together again!!

Some pictures of our amazing art work: