Mr. O’ Brien 5th Class June 22nd to 26th

Mr O’ Brien 5th : June 22nd to 26th

Hi Everyone , I hope you all had a good weekend. This is our last week of the school year. I am not going to assign  any work for this week. I would like people to use the time to take part in some fun activities like reading , sport, music ,art ,baking,  etc ! I would like to thank all pupils , parents and guardians  for  your hard work over the year and especially over the last three months in what was a challenging time for everyone. I look forward to seeing you all in September when hopefully things will be as close to normal again as possible.  Take care and enjoy the summer.

John O’ Brien.(

Mr. O’ Brien 5th: Work June 15th to 19th

Mr O’ Brien 5th Work June 15th to 19th

Hi All, I hope you all had a good weekend and are keeping well. As we are approaching the end of June, I will be giving less work this week . We will do English and Maths on alternate days while also doing some activities for Wellness Week. These  activities can be adapted or may  give you some ideas of your own. You can contact me as always on the following email address :

Monday :


  • English Spelling Workbook: Put half of the new spellings into sentences and do half the activities from the next two pages of book.
  • Library time : 20 mins.


  • Make a card for someone you miss or a card to say ‘Thank you’ to someone.



  • Mental Maths : Monday and Tuesday of new week’s work.


  • Do something kind for someone today.


  • English Spelling Workbook :Put the rest of the new spellings into sentences and finish off the activities from the next two pages.
  • Library Time: 20 mins.


  • Go on a family nature walk. See how many of your five senses you can use.



  • Mental Maths : Wednesday and Thursday of new week’s work.


  • Digital Detox: Turn off your phone ,tablet, ipad , etc. for a few hours.



  • Count how many times you can make someone smile today.

As usual do lots of reading and exercise and help out at home with cooking , gardening, baking etc. Do some art , practise music  and learn some new skills. Take  care ,John.

Mr. O’ Brien 5th Work June 8th-12th

Hi all, I hope you had a great weekend . I hope everybody is keeping safe and getting lots of exercise and enjoying time with family. From now on I’ll just be giving Maths and English work. Try  to keep up a little bit of  reading every day too. If you have any questions  you can contact me at the email address below. I’m still waiting on a few parents to email me so I can forward you on your child’s summer report.


Sample Timetable

Time Monday
25 minutes



Mental Maths  Monday

Mathemagic pg. 167

25 minutes


English :

Spelling workbook; new spellings in sentences and activities from next 2 pages.

Read ‘An Unsung Hero’ pg. 270 -273   Up And Running and complete Activity B pg.274

25 Mins Maths:

Mental Maths Tuesday

Mathemagic pg 168 (Pick 1 question) .Hit the button tables

25 Mins English :

Spelling workbook; new spellings in sentences and activities from same 2 pages.

Revise ‘An Unsung Hero’ pg. 270-273 Up And Running  and complete Activities  C&D pg. 274.


25 Mins Maths

Mental Maths  Wednesday

Mathemagic Pg. 169 (Pick 1 question)

25 Mins English :

Spelling workbook; new spellings in sentences and activities from same 2 pages.

Do activity E  page 275 Up And Running.

25 Mins Maths

Mental Maths  Thursday

Mathemagic pg.170 ( Pick 1 question)

25 Mins English :

Spelling workbook; new spellings in sentences and activities from same 2 pages.

Do activity F  page 275 Up And Running.

25 mins Maths

Mental Maths Friday

Mathemagic pg.171 (Pick 1 question)

25 mins English :

Spelling workbook; new spellings in sentences and activities from same 2 pages.

Do activity G  page 275 Up And Running.


Stay safe everyone,

Mr O’ Brien





Mr O’ Brien 5th Schoolwork May 25th to 29th

Monday 25th to Friday 29th May

Hi, I hope you’re all keeping well . Here is our 5th class work for next week. As always try your best with all work and don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions or want to show me any work.  I’ve added  a sample timetable at the end of this post for anyone that may be struggling to break the work up. This is only a guideline so adapt it to suit your own routine .You can contact me at the following email address:

All written work can be done in your copy or on sheets that you may have at home. Remember to have margin, heading and date. If you don’t have the right copy for a subject you can use any copy you have.

The books that are marked with ** can be accessed on the CJ Fallon web page. Visit and click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the title of the book you require, making sure ‘Online Books’ is selected in the ‘Resources’ section. Only takes a minute and very easy to work (use top right corner to jump to a selected page when book is open)


**Up and Running – Read the story ‘The Escape’ pg. 246 to 256. Break it up over two days if you wish.

Questions: C and D pg. 258

Reading – 20 minutes reading each day of a book of your choice from home. If you haven’t a library book or your own book to read at home you can find some great books to read on the app ‘BorrowBox Library’.

*Ms Cleary’s reading group continue to record daily reading.

* Mrs. Murphy’s work can be seen on her web page posts.

Spellings: Continue onto next two pages of My Spelling Workbook, put spellings into sentences and complete activities.

Writing:  H  pg. 259

Gaeilge:   Continue with daily diary [3 to 5 simple sentences on weather news etc.

Eg. “ Inniu an Luan , an cúigiú lá is fiche  de mhí  Bealtaine 2020.­ Tá ­­ sé scamallach agus tirim. Bhí mé ag obair sa ghairdín   inné…..D’ith mé curaí le sicín  don dinnéir…


**Bun go Barr –

Revise story ‘An Clóca’ pg. 98.Continue on to pg. 99.  Listen to recording and see new vocab below.

Ceisteanna B/G/ I /J  can be done over the week. No pressure, just do your best!

Foclóir Nua

  • Cad atá ag teastáil uait?= What do you want?
  • Píosa talún = a piece of land
  • Suimiúil = interesting
  • Féasóg = a beard
  • Ag smaoineamh = thinking
  • An méid sin = that amount
  • Ag fás = growing
  • Ionadh = amazement
  • Tabharfaidh mé = I will give
  • Fan go bhfeicfidh mé = Wait ‘til I see
  • Mórthimpeall = all around
  • Gort =field
  • Claí = ditch
  • Sceach = bush
  • Ag lonradh = gleaming
  • Ar deireadh thiar thall = eventually



Abairtí – Write 3 interesting sentences each using  day Aimsir Chaite/Aimsir Fhaistineach briathra. Use back of Bun go Barr or Gramadach copy to help. Keep learning our verbs!


Mental Maths – Continue with the next week of Mental Maths including Problem Solving and Friday Review.

Tables – Practise your ‘mixed tables’ for 5 minutes each day on (Hit the Button) and try beat your score. Record your highest score for when we are back to see who the champion is!


**Mathemagic –

Equations pg. 149 to pg. 152

Look over the examples in the book. Divide the work out over the week. Do some of the work orally through discussion with parent/ guardian / etc. and write some of the answers in copy. Remember   there is no pressure to cover all sums. Here is a general guide:

  • 149; orally
  • 150 ;Question 1 to 16 written and 17 to 20 orally
  • 151; Question 10 to 22 written/ orally
  • 152 ; do a selection from questions 1 to 12 ( orally/ written)

** Remember to change decimal/ percentage to fraction before doing sum.


**Small World History – Read Unit 18 on ‘The Industrial Revolution’  pg. 86 to 91 a few times and discuss.


**Small World Geography Read Unit 18 ‘ Properties and Characteristics of Materials’ pg. 99 to 105  a few times and discuss

Try some of the experiments  if you like!



Art and Projects

Try some of these

-Design a soccer gaa or camogie jersey or a t-shirt for your favourite tv show or video game.

-You can also do projects on topics of your choice. ( people, places, hobbies ,art , etc) I would love to see any projects you do. Pictures can be sent to me on my school email provided.

-This is a link to The Great Isolation Activity Book. There are some nice activities to do with your family of siblings. You may be able to print it or just use ideas from the booklet too and put your own stamp on it. Enjoy !!!!


Remember to try keep as active as possible and have fun.

Races – shuttle runs- time yourself

-Obstacle course -create your own in your garden

  • challenge yourself
  • hurling/ football / soccer skills ( how many roll lifts in 30 secs / how many keepy uppies can you do in 30 secs etc (Check out Hurling 365/Peile 4 all online for weekly challenges)
  • How many basketball dribbles in 30 secs
  • Jog on the spot 30secs next day 60 secs etc.


Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm Kilkenny hurler TJ Reid does a brilliant online PE class live on his TJ Reid Health and Fitness Facebook page. The Body Coach also has some great home workouts on YouTube.


Revise the new tunes from the past few weeks and any tunes from the past year. See if you can get some off by heart. Keep up the great practice! Move on to second part of new tune “Terry Cuz Teehan’s” .See notes and recording of melody on last week’s post. Feel free to send me some of your recordings as I would love to hear them. Let me know if you want notes of tunes emailed to you as I know they post  up quite small on the website.


Here is a sample timetable to help with the work if you’re struggling to break it up. I would ask that  you ensure that your child is getting additional reading in every evening or night if possible too please. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. This timetable is only a guideline, however feel free to work at pace that suits you and your work schedule.

Time Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
30 minutes


Gaeilge Gaeilge Gaeilge Gaeilge Gaeilge
30 minutes


Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
30 minutes


English English English English English
30 minutes


History P.E History Geography Art/Music


Stay safe everyone,

Mr. O’ Brien.