Mr O’Brien 6th Class Closure Work

Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April

Hello 6th Class! First of all I hope everyone is keeping well and helping out lots at home! Continue to do the work that you wrote in your journal for this week and then next week you can start on the work below. Do whatever you can do and don’t worry if you get stuck on something, move on to the next piece and try your best on that. I hope to see you all very soon! Stay safe and be good!

All written work can be done in your copy or on sheets that you may have at home. Make sure your page is ruled, has a date and your written work is presented neatly! Check back over all written work when you are finished.

The books that are marked with ** can be accessed on the CJ Fallon web page. Visit and click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the title of the book you require, making sure ‘Online Books’ is selected in the ‘Resources’ section.


**Racing Ahead – Read the story ‘The Maguires’ Pg 218-228

Pg 230 Seek & Search and Quest & Query questions (No need to write questions but a full answer 😊)

Reading – 20 minutes reading each day of a book of your choice from home. If you haven’t a library book or your own book to read at home you can find some great books to read on the app ‘BorrowBox Library’.

Ms Cleary’s reading group continue to record daily reading.

Writing – Write five points for or against the motion: “Schools should have to open during the summer holidays.”

Read at Home – Continue with the next week of RAH – short answers in copy and again no need to write questions.


**Bun go Barr – Read the story ‘Cian I bhFeighil an Tí’ Lth 80-81

Críochnaigh an scéal ‘An Folúsghlantóir’ Lth 85

Ceartlitriú – Lth 41 & 42

Lth 44 & 45

Abairtí – Write 3 interesting sentences each day. Use back of Bun go Barr to help!



Mental Maths – Continue with the next week of Mental Maths including Problem Solving and Friday Review.

Tables – Practise your ‘mixed tables’ for 5 minutes each day on (Hit the Button) and try beat your score. Record your highest score for when we are back to see who the champion is!

**Mathemagic – Look Back Chapter Pg 139

Pg 139 Q 2-7 A & E only

Pg 140 Q 4-10 A & D only (Remember you can’t divide by a decimal so you must multiply both numbers by 10 or 100 first!)

Pg 141 Q 7 (Remember Cost Price + Profit = Selling Price or Cost Price – Loss = Selling Price) Remember to change the % to a fraction first!



**Small World History – Read Unit 20 – Mary Robinson

Imagine you are a reporter interviewing Mary Robinson. What are the top 5 questions you would like her to answer?

Use the internet to find out who were the Presidents of Ireland from 1938 until the present day. Pick one of these Presidents and find out as much information about them as possible.



It’s important to keep as active as you can so try and get some exercise in every day! Examples: a walk, a jog, practising your skills in a sport you are interested in, dancing!

There are also some wonderful videos on Youtube that can help you – The Body Coach 5 Minute Move Workout 1, 2 & 3.