School Work

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well!

The following is the list of work I set for you before the school closure:

(Keep scrolling down as there are 6 posts in total)

  • Mental Maths: Week 28, 29, 30 pg. 83-91
  • Spelling workbook: Finish Unit 12 and complete unit 13 pg.46-53 / Continuation of SNIP homework for those who do not complete Spelling workbook work
  • Ceartlitriú pg.60-65
  • Read at Home pg.96-104

The work set in the above books brings us up to Easter holidays.

I also asked you to complete the Weight chapter in your Mathemagic book pages. 120-125. Chapter 28

You can now continue on and complete the next chapter – Chapter 29 Look Back pg.128-131.

If you do not have your books due to being absent you can access Ceartlitriú, Read at Home and Mathemagic through the CJ Fallon website through clicking the following link:

The posts to follow will provide you with some guidance and notes to remind you how to complete the above maths chapters.

I will also suggest a number of other activities for you to complete.

I hope to see you all soon,

Take care,

Ms. Kenny

Other activities:


  • P.E. with Joe / Joe Wicks movement breaks –
  • It is important to practice your tables every day –
  • For art try to draw some still images of things in your house or garden.
  • You can find lots more great suggestions in this pdf: older kids



As noted in the post above you have work to complete in your Spelling workbook/SNIP and Read at Home.

Using CJ Fallon link provided, you can access the Let’s Go reader and read the next two stories:

  • Monsters
  • Ghost Train

You do not have to complete the written work. However, if you can, discuss the questions.

You can practice your writing by creating the following:

  • Diary entry
  • Recipes
  • Story
  • Letter/emails to friends and family

Now is a good time to read books. Keep a log of all the books you are reading.