First Confession – 2nd Class

Hi all,

Well Second Class have been very busy lately preparing for their First Confession.

communion pic

The children are learning the story of ‘The Good Shepherd’.

Along with this story, the children have been learning some very important prayers such as..

  • The Hail Mary
  • Our Father
  • The Confiteor
  • The Act of Sorrow
  • The Prayer before Forgiveness
  • The Prayer after Forgiveness

The First Confession will take place on Thursday the 25th February at 7pm in St. Michaels Church.


Live Streaming from St. Michaels Church

Hi all,


Below is a link to St. Michaels Church Live Streaming site.

This year in Second Class we will have some wonderful services in St. Michaels Church. We will have our First Confession and our First Holy Communion. We are aware that many family members are away or are just not able to make these services, so if this is the case please click on the link below and watch the children of Second Class live as they celebrate these Masses.

First Confession: Thursday 25th February at 7pm

First Holy Communion: Saturday 23rd April

St. Michaels Church – Live Streaming

Happy Watching..

Mrs Fitzhenry