Science Week in 2nd Class! 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

We started celebrating Science Week by conducting a couple of experiments!

Firstly, we are looking at how water travels through plants. We filled clear plastic cups with water filled with food colouring and included celery. Each group has their own sample and we drew a line to show the water line. Over the week we will watch how much water the plants will absorb and how it’ll travel through the plant using the red and Green food colouring!

Our second experiment so far was seeing how to create lava lamps! We filled two jugs with water and food colouring. We added vegetable oil, then we got to the fun part! To create a chemical reaction, we added effervescent alka-seltzer tablets to the mixture to create lava lamps! We couldn’t believe it when we saw it!

We will be conducting more experiments throughout the week for science week!

Halloween in 2nd Class!

We had a great day dressing up for Halloween! The costumes were absolutely fantastic ! We even had the honour of THREE Taylor Swifts appearing as well as Barbie, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Sonic, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a murdering doctor and lots, lots more!

We found another Taylor Swift, so will the real Taylor Swift please stand up?!


As part of our History curriculum, we looked at Games from the Past and Present. One popular card game played by our parents and grandparents was the classic card game Snap! Some of us knew how to play already, however we all have learned and mastered the game in the last few weeks. We’ve had a great time playing mini tournaments, yet we still haven’t beaten Miss Kinsella!

Reports about Orcas!

We have been learning about how to write reports in English lessons. One of our topics was about learning about orcas. We had to research and look up information about orcas and write down information in a report related to their habitat, diet, appearance and include some interesting facts about them. We got to use the iPads to research websites and watch videos about orcas.