Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

What a busy week we’ve had in room 6!!!


First of all we celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge by learning Irish songs and singing them together with all of the other students in the hall. We also listened to some great music from the school band. Bhí siad go hiontach.

Rinneamár ealaín trí mhean na Ghaeilge freisin. Rinneamar pictiúraí de leipreacháin le féasóg oráiste!(We did some art through Irish. We made some pictures of leprachauns with orange beards.

Can you guess who these little leprachauns are?

On Friday it was ‘lá glas’. Everyone wore green clothes to school including some lovely accessories like bows, hats, wings, flags and even beards! We also made some rainbows and pots of gold.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Springing into Spring

February may have been the shortest month of the year but it was a jam packed and fun filled month for junior infants.

Our Aistear theme in February was Spring. We worked in the Garden Shop in the Role Play area, built gardens and other structures at the Construction Area and created some Spring themed art at the Creative Space.

Also this month we learned how to write the number 4 ‘down and across and down some more, now we have the number 4’. We made play dough numbers, wrote in sand and on whiteboards too.


We also started to explore the conditions needed for flowers to grow-sunlight, water and soil. We each planted seeds in our own little pot and we are now eagerly waiting for them to grow into beautiful flowers.

World Book Day 2019

It was a very unusual day today in Junior Infants. When teacher went out to the yard to collect the children they were nowhere to be seen…instead she found lots of book characters standing in the line!

There were dinosaurs, superheroes and princesses. Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy also made an appearance along with lots more characters!

The Very Hungry Caterpillars!

Our Aistear theme in room 6 in January was ‘Food’. We enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities.

Our role play area was a restaurant. The waiters and chefs were very busy taking orders and preparing delicious meals for the hungry customers…we built restaurants using blocks, played food themed games, made food themed jigsaws and continued practicing our cutting and sticking.

Our artwork this month included some still life painting of delicious fruit bowls. We listened to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and made caterpillar and butterfly crafts.

Also this month we learned about 2-D shapes and went on ‘shape walks’ looking for squares, rectangles, circles and triangles around the school. In science we explored floating and sinking by doing an experiment.

We learned lots of new sounds in JollyPhonics but our favourite was probably /ch/ because we got to make a choo-choo train all around the classroom.

Last Friday we had a great surprise when two local firemen came to visit us to tell us all about their work in the fire brigade!