1st class Home School – 22nd June

Hi everyone,

We have reached the final week of the school year! This week I am including a ‘Just for Fun’ choice board for you to enjoy before you begin your summer holidays on Friday.
I will also link all of our previous choice boards here if you want to refer back to any activities;
Choice Board 1
Choice Board 2
Choice Board 3
Choice Board 4
Choice Board 5
Choice Board 6
Choice Board 7
Choice Board 8
Choice Board 9

You are a wonderful class and I have really enjoyed teaching you.
I have been so impressed by all your hard work during the school closures. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Each of you have many qualities, strengths and talents but I have chosen just one of your achievements to recognise in these
1st class awards (click to find your one).

As always, you can contact me by email at sarah.culliton@stjosephsgorey.ie.
I hope you have a safe and funfilled summer!

All the best,
Ms. Culliton

1st class Home School – 15th June

Hello everyone,

Well done again! I saw great work being done in English and Maths last week. However, there was a lot of work in last week’s choice board so feel free to keep working from that one if there’s more you wanted to do. Continue to work towards finishing the last few pages in your books.

This week I am including three choice boards which are revision in English, Maths and activities relates to Wellbeing. Try to choose something from each choice board everyday. And don’t forget to send me your work as always.

For any parents who haven’t already received their child’s school report you can contact me at sarah.culliton@stjosephsgorey.ie and I will send it to you.