Ms. Conway – 2nd Class School Closure Work

Hello 2nd Class!

I hope that you and your family are very well!

Please do your best on the work I have put together and hopefully I will see you all soon.

Take Care 🙂

Monday 29th March – Friday 3rd April 2020


  • Continue with your Jolly Grammar Sheet: Silent <c>, (Please see copy of sheets attached).
  • Watch Video:
  • Spellings (Like we always do for homework please put into sentences in Homework copy each day).
  • Read at Home (one page per day) pages 112 – 116 and answer questions 1-5 after each story in English Copies. Don’t forget to write the date, rule your page, write a heading, and make sure your work is neat!! 🙂
  • Clickety Click: Story “The Four Rivers” page 41 and poem “Good Morning Mr. Croco-Doco-Dile” page 74.
  • Edco have free access to their website at present:
  • Handwriting: Ready to write: one page per day.
  • Those following SNIP 1- Continue from your most recent session and complete a session per fortnight and Continue Toe by Toe 3. Read every day for 15 minutes.
  • Additional Activities: Choose a book to read and Read for 10 minutes and write down 3 things that you learned about this story;
  • What are the character’s names? What happened? What do you think will happen next?




Some additional links to Maths Games:

Daily Mental Maths:


  • Continue with Fuaimeanna agus Focail pgs: 56 and 57.
  • Focus on Spellings pg 56 and write one sentence each night in Homework copy.
  • Bun go Barr “An Scoil” (Chapter 15) pages 98-103. The written activities can be completed in your Homework Copies.

Available online for all students and parents to use.


Small World Geography and Science.

  • Over the next number of weeks we will be learning all about “Africa”.
  • Mini Project: Please pick any African Country and Write a Fact File about it. Include any facts and pictures that you wish.
  • We will also be learning about African Animals such as “The African Wildebeest”. Please read page 73 in Small World and complete page.
  • Read the story “Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom: A Story from Africa”  and complete pages 74 & 75.
  • Small World Book Available online for all students and parents to use.
  • Click on student resources
  • Navigate to the book – SMALL WORLD Geography and Science.
  • Click on the “eye” symbol and enter your details. (pages 73 to 75).


Please watch the following videos for Easter Preparation;