School closure- Mrs Murphy’s groups!

I hope that everyone is safe and well, I have allocated work in each class for the children that come out to me. I realise that some parents may not be in a position to do as much as they would like to because of work commitments or family care. Don’t worry do what you can as this is just suggested work and not the end of the world if they don’t get it done . The work I have given is the same as what they have been doing all year and therefore the children should be able to do the majority by themselves. Also remember during this stressful time that children learn so much from baking, lego, gardening or painting with their parents. Try include them in anything you are doing and don’t stress we will work hard when we get back to school. If you need to contact me do not hesitate ,I would only be delighted to help as much as I can. You can contact me on



Kind regards,

Orla Murphy