We are spooktacular!

Look at the Halloween fun we had!

We learned all about spiders, We even made our own spiders out of clay!!!!


We made spooky Halloween themed playdough creations!!



We had to cut out spiders and we had to make sure we kept all their 8 legs.


We learned how to draw spider webs with chalk and made a mummy out of wool.


We were witches and wizards in the role play area and made lots of spooky potions.



On our last day of school before midterm before Halloween, we dressed up.

Back to school

Hello everyone,

Here are some of our pictures of what we have been getting up to in Senior Infants so far. Our theme for the month was school, so our playtime was based on this. Take a look at us being teachers, students and principals, playing with school themed toys and making our school themed art and jigsaws . Don’t worry, our teacher disinfects the toys at the end of each day and we stay playing with our table group .

First look at our beautiful and colorful art:

Here we are during playtime:



We also went on a hunt around the school looking for different things and marking them off if we saw them:

We also had some fun playing instruments along with the songs we learned :




Final Week

Hello everyone,

It has come to our final week of school and it is certainly not like it should have been. I just want to say thank you for  all the hard work you have put in over the last number of months and your engagement with me. Being out of routine and the classroom myself, having interaction with yourselves and seeing the children’s work has been a great distraction for me. I understand, it has been no easy task for any of you and I cant imagine the stress you were facing,  but any bit of work that you did with the kids you should be very proud of . Enjoy your well deserved break from home schooling.

To my senior Infants, I didn’t get enough time with you all, I watched you grow so much in numerous ways from September to March and I could not be more proud of the class you became. I know I had to be cross in September at times but when ye became settled we could finally start having fun. And what fun we did have, I never knew a class to love art, music and dancing as much and it seemed Mr. Cronin always came in when were doing one of these. I think he must have though we never did any work.!! All of you worked so hard and to see your work improve in these months brought me great joy.  Each and everyone of you are so special to me and I have missed you all  since lockdown started. I know you miss your friends but you will be together again and will have so much catching up with each other and playing together. I hope to see you all on the yard and on the hallways now that you will be big first class pupils. Don’t forget to say hello to your old Senior Infant teacher when you see me. Have the most amazing Summer and enjoy everyday, because it wont be long till you are back to normal and asking your poor first class teacher “When’s it home time?” You will be glad to know this weeks work is purely fun and I hope you enjoy it. I would love to see some pictures.

Take care, stay safe and have fun.

Ms Gordon


  • Maths all around me at home. 

Complete this fun maths trail that is based on  your home. Click the following link.

Maths at home

  • Say learn and discuss the end of year poem called “Moving on”

Moving on


Talk about the children’s time in school and discuss there favourite memories of this year.

Click the following and complete the worksheet.

My favourite memories from this year

  •  Make your own seaside in a bottle using the following instructions.

seaside in bottle


  • Use the following worksheet to complete a bucket list of things you want to do this Summer.

bucket list

  • Play I spy using the sheet to complete the sums adding up to number 10

i spy and adding


  • Complete the following beachball colour by number sheet:

colour by number

  • Complete around the house scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

Friday: Enjoy your Summer Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work 15th-19th June

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a good week and are keeping safe. As this would be the second last week of school, the workload will be reduced further as it would have been if we were in school. We have also decided to have wellness as a focus and this will include a fun activity for each day. There will be no work on Friday as the children can create their own “fun Friday”.  I would love to see pictures of the children completing the activities and their work. My email is jamielee.gordon@stjosephsgorey.ie if you need anything just contact me. If you cant access anything just let me know. Enjoy your week .


Ms Gordon




Reading: Read and discuss Pages 44-45 of  “What a box”

Writing: Tricky word: The children write and learn the following tricky word: love. They come up with sentences orally and then they must write at least 3 down.

Oral language: Word Tennis Game: Rules : I will give a list of topics: You and the child must say as many words to go with these topics as possible, passing from one to the other. It is extra fun if you have a ball and tennis rackets to actually play tennis while doing it. Example: Topic farm animals: Child: sheep, Parent cow, child, horse,parent pig etc


  • Zoo animals
  • Sports
  • Vegetables
  • colours

Wellbeing: Mindful Monday: Think of 3 things you are thankful for: Examples: My family, ice cream, my pet dog. It can be anything. Draw a picture of these and write them down.



Maths: Topic:  Capacity 

  • Put two empty glasses on the table, pick one of the glasses up and ask is their anything in it. Then fill one glass up with water. Ask them which glass is full and which glass is empty.
  • Get the children to go on a hunt around the house to find items that are full and empty. Get them to find three of each.
  • Pour out a little bit of the water from the full glass. Ask them the following: Is the glass full of water now? Is it empty? Is it nearly full or nearly empty? Would it take a lot of water to fill the glass.
  • Now ask them to go find one thing that is nearly full and one thing that is nearly empty in the house.
  • Complete Page 115 of Busy at maths book

Wellbeing: Thoughtful Tuesday: Draw a picture or do an art /craft to give to somebody you love to surprise them and brighten up their day.


Wednesday :


Reading: Read and discuss Pages 46-47 of “What a box”

Rhyming: Complete the following worksheet where the child writes down three words that rhyme with the following words: bed, cat, dog ,pen, man, bun.

rhyming words 

Dictation: Call out the following words for the children to use their sounds to write down:

  1. sport
  2. loud
  3. lie
  4. wool
  5. sweep
  6. join
  7. teeth
  8. pain
  9. queen

Wellbeing: Wellness Wednesday: Use toys and objects from your garden to make an obstacle course for you and your family to do. 




  • Give the child five empty bottles, containers, glasses, cups etc. Ask them to arrange them in order of what they think holds the most to what they think holds the least.
  • Now check if they are correct by using a measuring jug and some water. Get the child to fill each container with water. Then pour it into the measuring jug to see of they had them in the correct order.
  • Ask them the following question: What held the most water? What held the least water?
  • Complete Pages 116 and 117 of Busy at maths book.

Wellbeing: Tour Thursday: Sadly we didn’t get to go on our school tour this year so I thought it would be fun if we went on a virtual school tour. The locations is one of my Favourite places in the world: Disneyland!!!

  1. First watch this 8 minute video of the Magic Happens Parade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR-KP8KH1Ng
  2. Enjoy singing along and can you say the Disney films the characters are in.
  3. Here are some ideas to make this extra fun: Chose one or all of them:
  •   Paint your face or dress up as your favourite Disney character
  • Use lego to make your own theme park or castle
  • Use your toys to make your own parade.
  • Watch a Disney movie.
  • Sing your favourite Disney song
  • Draw a picture based on Disney.
  • Enjoy 🙂


Friday: Have a fun Friday!