-Ready to write: next 5 pages of handwriting book

Music- Practise singing the alphabet, learn Mary had a little and I’m a little teapot words uploaded here

– Practise writing name and surname in blue copy once Daily eg Ellie Smith

-Gaeilge-learn baibin siorc song from YouTube

Learn the hokey pokey as gaeilge to and watch the grufullo as gaeilge

learn words on Irish pictures uploaded here

-write 10 sentences in blue copy  using list 27-28 already provided

-read words in list 27-28

-read stories to your child and ask them questions about them! Ask them to retell the story in their own words . Sequence story what happened first, next , last . Ask them to pick out words They can read from the stories

Maths -next 5 pages of busy at maths book,  practise counting forward and backwards to 20 , revise 2d shapes: square circle triangle and rectangle and 2d shapes picture uploaded here. Complete addition sums to ten some uploaded here can do these in sheet with more. Practise writing numbers 1-10 daily

Art – make something using junk art materials and talk about it. Draw and decorate an Easter egg. Paint / draw colour a picture with flowers in it. How to draw flowers step by step videos on YouTube

-write their news in their blue copy twice a week

-call out words for your children to write down using sounds eg mixer, king ,chin

-revise reading Danny to the rescue, spend five minutes reading their own book a day

PE-spell your name pe sheet uploaded here- can do name and surname, go noodle good for dances and workouts. Cosmic yoga sessions good workouts online.

Christmas Carol Service in St. Joseph’s

The students of St. Joseph’s demonstrated a wealth of musical talent today at our annual carol service. We in St. Joseph’s wish all our students, staff and their families a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Listen to us perform by clicking each title below:

Mrs Sinnott’s Class

Mrs. Kirwan’s Class

Ms. Cushe’s Class

Mrs. Lawlor’s Class

Mr. O’Brien’s 5th

Away in a Manger- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Ms. Tobin’s Class

The First Noel – St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Silent Night- St. Joseph’s Singers and Musicians

Waltzing Matilda- Slán Ms Doyle, Go n-éirí an bóthar leat san Astráil!!

Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the boys and girls who collected awards today in St. Joseph’s and well done to Johnny Connors 6th class who won the Ger Hogan Award for his wonderful contribution to St Joseph’s over the past five years. Well done Johnny!

Sports Day 2019

It was touch and go for a while but St. Joseph’s Sports Day eventually went ahead and we had a great day. Well done to all who took part and congratulations to those who won events on the day. Thank you to all our friends and families who came along to support us on the day. Here are a few photos of the day.