Halloween Art and more in 2nd Class

We have been busy being creative and artistic in 2nd Class, here’s some of our beautiful creations !

Symmetrical Ghosts
Our versions of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
Revising the colour wheel
Using the pointillism technique to create our own Autumn trees with a focus on the different colours we see in Autumn and blending them together.
A collaborative colouring piece to celebrate Halloween

Super Start to Junior Infants!

Here is some of what we have been getting up to, even if you asked what did we do today and we replied “Nothing!”

Proud of some of the patterns we made.

We were inspired by the story Cave Baby to do some cave paintings of our own.


This months theme is The Farm.


We started working on our Halloween Art using pom poms.

We have started to use the iPads in our literacy and numeracy lessons.

We went on a lovely nature walk, looking for signs of autumn.