World Book Day Celebrations 2023

World Book Day was a huge success here in St.Joseph’s Primary School. To celebrate World Book Day each child was given a World Book Day token to encourage reading . Every child could dress up as a favourite character from their favourite book and there was some fantastic costumes parading the school for the day . As a whole school we celebrated this day through a special announcement of DEAR time over the intercom . Classes were busy designing their own book covers as well as drawing their favourite characters . It was a positive experience for all and great effort was invested by parents, teachers and students . We all thoroughly enjoyed the day . Happy Reading !

The Stars Are Brightly Shining!

Well done to all the children in our school who each designed a star for our annual display in Gorey Shopping Centre. It looks wonderful! Be sure to visit and see if you can spot yours.

Halloween in Senior Infants 🎃 👻

This month, in preparation for Hallowe’en, our role play corner transformed into a Witches’ Den. We had great fun dressing up as witches and other creatures, writing spells and potions and making potions using spider webs, creepy-crawlies and other disgusting ingredients.

On Friday, we all got to dress up in our Hallowe’en costumes and had a great day of fun and games. To finish off our theme of the witches’ den, we made some real witches’ potions and made them bubble over using vinegar and baking soda. We also made a lava lamp using oil and water, food colouring and made it come alive using an effervescent tablet. The kids really enjoyed these science experiments.