Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019

The finest of musical talent was enjoyed during our Seachtain na Gaeilge concert in St. Joseph’s. Listen to some of our pieces here.

Báidín Fheilimí
Peigín Leitir Móir
Mr. Waters & An Poc ar Buile
The School Band
The School Band
The School Band

World Book Day in Senior Infants

Last week, on the 7th of March it was world Book day. We had all sorts of book characters in our class for the day, from Little red riding Hood  Adam the astronaut  and everything in between. Can you guess who we were dressed up as?


Some other children brought their favourite books to school and we talked and asked questions about them.


Then, teacher read us one of her favourite stories:

Minds under construction……

This months theme was construction. We learned all about people who work at  building houses and had great fun playing in our builders yard.

Here we are at playtime, hard at work:






We also made junk art based on the construction theme. Some of us built houses just like a builder would and others made the machines builders use.  Have a look at some of our creations.






We also did some more building themed class art. We made bulldozers, builders, builders hats and tools.


It was also Valentines so we made heart shaped foxes and made LOVEly prints:




Doctor Who???

Our theme for January was the Doctors surgery. We took on the role of doctors, nurses, receptionists, pharmacists and unfortunate patients with all kind of sicknesses in our role play area. Look at us:





We also did lots of medical themed art. Take a look:

Here are our ambulances and stretchers.                       These are our doctor bags packed with equipment.           Our hospitals we cut out and designed and our body x-rays.



We also learned about the human life cycle and how to be healthy. We learned about the best nurse Florence Nightingale who is the reason hospitals are kept clean today.

Here are our reports about Florence .